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Lindsay Agness

NLP in marketing

The use of NLP in marketing:¬†an interview with NLP expert and author Lindsey Agness NLP is a pragmatic school of thought that addresses the many levels involved in being human. … Continue reading

Emma Liddiard

The Power of Radio

The power of radio – an interview with Heart Kent Managing Director Emma Liddiard In the age of digital advertising is radio still an effective way to reach your audience? … Continue reading

Sonja Wood

Driving success

Driving success – an interview with award winning Director Sonja Wood Most successful businesses have one thing on common – a strong brand aligned to a innovative culture that drives … Continue reading

Luke Quilter

SEO; what, why, how.

SEO; what, why, how – an interview with Sleeping Giant MD Luke Quilter Getting to grips with search marketing can be confusing. What’s the best way to optimise your website … Continue reading

Susannah Schofield

Understand your customers

Understanding your customers for business success – an interview with Dice Matrix MD Susannah Schofield In this the first of our 10 video interviews to help launch Cohesive thinking, Susannah … Continue reading

Keynote video

Dialogue not broadcast

Today’s customers are looking for dialogue; the ever growing prevalence of social networking is testament to this. This desire is equally true with face-to-face communications. The old method of giving … Continue reading